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Why Us?

We live in a society that professes to value relationships and family but at the same time undercuts the core values that make a lasting relationship possible. Our society glamorizes infidelity, promotes financial hardship, through easy access to creating debts, and overall condones relationship dysfunction. This is similar to the way our society prizes thinness while it pushes unhealthy, sedentary living.
  • 53% of first marriages will end in divorce, 60% of second marriages will end in divorce, 70% of third marriages will end in divorce.....

  • 42% of African American adults are married, compared to 61% of whites and 59% of Hispanics.

  • African American couples have a 12% divorce rate, compared to 10% for whites and 7% for Hispanics.

  • 69% of African American births are to single mothers, as compared to 33% nationally.

  • 62% of African American households are headed by a single parent, compared to 27% for whites and 35% for Hispanics.

  • 33.3% of African American children live in married couple families, compared to 75.2% of white children.

  • 80% of couples want their relationship to last, however the majority of these couples will break-up.

  • Between 1960 and 1995, the number of African American children living with two married parents dropped from 75% to 33%.

  • Even though 80% of Americans say that couples should be monogamous, one partner in 50% of all relationships admits to having an extra-marital affair.

  • African Americans have a higher divorce rate than both white and Hispanic couples.

  • Research demonstrates a positive correlation between family structure and a family's social and economic well-being.

Each couple brings their own individual set of problems to the relationship, build on these issues...don't become a statistic!


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