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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the qualifications of the Relationship Coaches for Building Strong Families?

The majority of our Relationship Coaches are Master level trainers. Each Relationship Coach has been providing relationship enhancement services to couples for at least 5 years. Relationship Coaches have undergone intensive, rigorous training with Ph.D level psychologist who have been dedicated to understanding the elements of healthy marriage and relationships for over 30 years. Building Strong Families Relationship Coaches specialize in relationship enhancement and work solely with committed and married couples.

How long has this organization been providing services to couples?

Building Strong Families was developed in 2005 and has been providing relationship enhancement services to couples for over 5 years. We have served over 1100 couples in the Metro Atlanta area and have an 87% success rate.

What are the services offered by BSF and how much do these services cost?

Building Strong Families offers two types of services to address the needs of our couples. First, a group workshop, which is a one-day relationship workshop. This workshop is for couples who desire a boost in their relationship; it’s a relationship energy drink. See individual workshop tabs for more details and pricing. Second, individual couple sessions delivered in the comfort of your home are $85 per couple per session. The initial session is an assessment session, to help decide each individual couples session layout. Initial Assessments are not required for couples that sign-up for the group workshop.

Building Strong Families also offers services to singles. We have a men's and women's workshop, that teaches the art of being a good partner. This is a one-day workshop where you have an opportunity to meet singles from the other groups.

Finally, Building Strong Families offers services to our youth. Providing self-esteem building and self-worth. Allowing children to become confident, productive and conscious adults. 

Approximately how long is each session?

In order to completely and properly address the needs of each couple, sessions tend to last approximately 2 hours in length. Session length may vary depending upon each couples specific needs.

What is the difference between therapy and psychological education, which is what Building Strong Families offers?

Therapy is the treatment of a disease or disorder. This disorder may be physical, mental or social. Building Strong Families delivers Psychological Education. Psychological Education provides couples with professional guidance in resolving personal and relational conflicts and emotional tribulations. Building Strong Families focuses on effectively teaching couples the techniques, skills and providing couples with the tools to successfully navigate a healthy relationship. 

In addition, Therapists tend to charge by the HOUR for sessions, while BSF charges by the SESSION whether that session lasts an hour or two hours. BSF is completely tailored to the couple and does not place a time limit on your skill building.

What if me and my partner are having more advanced problems?

BSF partners with experts in varying fields. If you and your partner are experiencing advanced relationship dysfunction, where medication may be required or the situation is physically dangerous to one or both people in the partnership , Relationship Coaches will refer you to one or more of the many specialists that we collaborate with. Once some of these advanced issues are minimized and/or eliminated in your relationship, couples can begin to receive the assistance of BSF to further develop their partnership.

Are BSF services biblical based?

BSF welcomes couples from all religious backgrounds and beliefs and is not religiously based. We do however develop each workshop based upon the individual couples need and do provide workshops on AGAPE love. These workshops guide couples through the principles of AGAPE love and teach couples the skills and tools to have a successful relationship based upon AGAPE love.

How can I reach someone for BSF by phone and not keep getting the voice mail?

Many couples receive BSF services and while we are with our couples we like to provide them with our undivided attention. We use a voice mail service so that couple sessions are never interrupted. We check the voice mail and email frequently, and calls will always be returned in a timely manner.

How many sessions will we have to attend?

Each workshop is tailored for your specific relationship needs. Workshop length depends completely upon each individual couple.

Will a Relationship Coach be assigned to us or will we see whichever coach is available?

Each couple is assigned their own Relationship Coach who will work with them throughout the duration of their time with the program.

What if my partner and I do not like the Relationship Coach that was assigned to us?

We will gladly reassign Relationship Coaches as required for your program comfort and satisfaction.

Are these session confidential?

BSF sessions are confidential, meaning what is discussed with your partner and the Relationship Coach during your sessions is protected and will not be shared with anyone else. All Relationship Coaches are however mandated reporters, which means that by law we have to report any child abuse that we see.


(24-hour confidential voice-mail)