Building Strong Families, Inc.  - For couples who want to work it out...
Building Strong Families provides couples with the tools to develop and maintain a healthy relationship.
Through facilitated, interactive workshops, Building Strong Families equips couples and singles with the skills to have a successful relationship.
A healthy relationship is characterized as being high in positive interaction, satisfaction and stability, while being low in conflict.
The program is for couples:
*  Married couples
*  Engaged couples
*  Committed couples
*  Couples with children
*  Cohabiting couples
The program will help you and your partner:
*  Enhance Intimacy
*  Communicate more effectively
*  Heal old wounds
*  Resolve/manage conflicts
*  Manage finances
*  Balance family & work
*  Prevent & recover from infidelity
*  And so much more...
Building Strong Families is for individuals who want their relationship to last!

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