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About Us:

How We Got Started:

Building Strong Families was established in 2005 as an organization designed to provide expectant couples with relationship skills in order to improve child well-being. It originated as a multi-site Healthy Marriage Initiative, dedicated to improving child outcomes by focusing on the parents' relationship with each other. Building Strong Families helped couples develop the skills and knowledge that are necessary to form and sustain a healthy relationship. A relationship between the adults that the child wasn't directly a part of, so that this adult relationship could become healthier and more stable and with these benefits accruing to the child.

Building Strong Families has served over 1100 couples in the Metro Atlanta Area and is striving to serve thousands more, in an effort to preserve relationships, family and our communities.

Building Strong Families, Inc., has recently extended it's services to all committed couples, with or without children, singles and our youth. Building Strong Families, Inc. offers several programs, serving the community as a whole. 

The Mission of Building Strong Families:

Divorce rates are increasing, marriage rates are dropping, our children are becoming sexually active at a younger age, and it seems as if it is becoming more and more difficult to find a suitable partner. Building Strong Families, Inc. strives to bring our communities back together by strengthening the character of our couples. We work with couples, singles and youth to build stronger relationships with one another. 


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