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Building Strong Families:

We carry a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and needs. Our most popular services are shown below. Please call for more information on services and current promotions.

Couple's Relationship Workshops

This is the energy boost your relationship needs. In these full-day workshops, couples will learn the basic tenants to how to obtain and maintain a healthy relationship. Not only will you meet other committed couples but male and female Relationship Coaches will guide you through this interactive relationship enhancement workshop. Allow your relationship to be transformed, rejuvenated and enhanced. These workshop have 3 components: Step 1: Building a Healthy Foundation Step 2: Managing Relationship Conflict Step 3: Creating Shared Meaning

Individual Couple's Workshop

Individual couple's workshops are delivered in the privacy and comfort of your home or in the comforts of our office. These workshops allow each unique couple to focus completely on their specific relationship needs. Sessions can be scheduled on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis. Price: $85 per couple per session.

Telephone Consultation

Heavy work schedule? Don't have time to improve your marriage? Can't seem to find the time to enhance your relationship? Now you can have a session over the phone. No matter where you are, we can support and strengthen your relationship.


(24-hour confidential voice-mail)