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Ft. Lauderdale Workshop: Building Friendship

We will only be in town for one day, so register now for a relationship enhancing experience.  This workshop is intense and interactive. 

This workshop addresses the need for couples to build/rebuild the foundation of friendship into their relationship.  You will be taught the skills of expressing appreciation, communicating effectively and the art of compromise.
Our Building Friendship Workshop is a 5-hour, interactive program that will help couples to:
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Enhance intimacy
  • Resolve/manage conflicts
  • Turn toward each other and not away
  • Effectively compromise
  • Express appreciation
  • And so much more.....

Our workshops are facilitated by male and female Relationship Coaches and group participation is strongly encouraged. 
We limit the number of couples per workshop so that each couple can experience and benefit from the skills and tools that are provided. 

Register quickly to reserve your seat for a relationship changing experience.
Meet and interact with other couples
Learn how to approach your relationship and your partner in a healthy manner to experience the optimal relationship success.
Next Workshop
(Building Friendship)
Saturday, May 26, 2012
Time: 10am-4pm (may change)
Registration Fee: $10.00 per couple
Session Fee: $40.00 per couple
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

To Register:

  • Click on the "Florida Workshop Registration" tab and enter your contact information
  • Pay the $10.00 Registration Fee (Click "Pay Now" below)

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